It has been said that Creation is doomed.

The world was raised from chaos, and one day it will fall just the same, returning to the chaos that birthed it. All the works of men and gods and all the spirits of Creation will be no more. This is how the story ends, they say, and none, not even the mightiest of the Chosen can change it. This is the tale of woe that is the capstone of this fallen era; this is why the world now lives in an Age of Sorrows.

But it was not always that way…


…It has been said that Creation is doomed.

The world will end in fire and flames. Darkness will descend. The seas will dry up and the land will crumble into the maw of chaos. Nothing can stop this. Nor could the Solar Exalted slay the enemies of the gods. Nor could they master the sorceries which wrought the world. Nor could they ever return from their endless death amongst the stars. This is the world into which the Solar Exalted have returned — but will they save the world, or will they destroy it?

Seas of the Rising Suns

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