Seas of the Rising Suns

Session 5 Recap
On serpents, demons, a volcano and shadowy wolves


In search of the remaining Anchors, the Circle once again ventured forth into the Vault of Halfdreams. Accompanying them was Teo, the firebird. Suma the river God was nowhere to be found in sight.

Fate led them to a  the entrance of a cave adorned with a most peculiar sight. A bas-relief depicting heroic deeds long past, hewn from the stone of the rockface in meticulous detail. Bathing in the glow of Liana's Caste mark, the mural seemed almost alive, shadows dancing amidst the scenes depicted. At the beginning of the mural, the subjects were mostly heroic deeds performed by sun-blessed individuals, yet, the closer to the entrance we got, the more tragic elements seemed to interweave itself in the tapestry. Close to the entrance, the mural was abruptly and violently broken up, resuming itself past the break, yet this time without the golden overtones. These colours seemed to faintly return in the last stretch, as the circle noticed some very familiar looking tableaus. Yet despite all their splendour and mystery, the mural was inert, so the circle forged onwards, into the cave.

Inside the cave, the Circle wormed their way through large, tubular, featureless passages until the smell of woodsmoke tinged their noses. On the next bend, they were greeted by the sight of a giant serpent hewn from living wood,  fire burning in the cracks in it's hide. A giant, slit eye peered at them while a glowing forked tongue licked the air.

- negotiation for the lute

- Sails tells her dreams to the snake

- journey to the caldera

- a friendly race

- the anchors react

- Shadow doggo appears

- A fight in a flash

- The circle has their heads together for once

- Resting at the boat

- Pre-confrontation talks

Plot Threads


Sails thoughts

Session 4 Recap
Of Krakens, Seafood and Old Tyrants

At the Vault of Halfdreams, mysterious island surrounded by not-water

The Circle and entourage emerged from the crumbling labyrinth, Liana and Alexa running hard, Andraste and two steps safe carried on Sails her surfboard made out of mist and lightning. Outside, in the not-ocean, they were greeted by a distant, looming and betentacled sight, a mighty black and red-streaked Kraken. From the collapsing ruins and nearby vents emerged 4 tentacles, malicous intent clear in their sinous movement.

Sails saluted the enormous beasts, unsheating Mistweaver, her Caste Mark flaring on her brow. Andraste opened her cloak to reveal  Counting Implement, and Liana readied her blades, before bounding of towards one of the tentacles closer to the ruins. There she met the onrushing limbs head-on, holding her own through the combined onslaught of two of the four appendages. 

The bravery of the Phoenix queen created the space that her friends needed to utterly dispatch the two other limbs. Andraste first throw struck through, leaving her prey reeling, and on her chakram's second pass, the count had once again been incremented. Sails salied forth on her board, deftly surfing over the tentacles attack, rending it along its length, before jumping down and skewering the thing to the ocean floor.

Liana counter-attacked, fending of the closest tentacle, creating the an opening for Sails to dash in and deliver another finish blow. The final tentacle decided on the better part of Valor and slunk away.

The circle made it's way back to the shores of the Vault, were Suma and Teo awaited them in fierce debate. The circle mused a while on the nature of ancient Solars, before Sails grew impatiant and exhorted Teo and Suma to help them find the remaining anchors


Suma the river God, imprisoned River God

Teo, imprisoned fire bird

Two Steps Safe, trap-master

Demon that Dwells in the Vault of Half-dreams, mysterious demon imprisoned in the Vault of Halfdreams, nature unknown

Plot threads

- Escape the Vault of Halfdreams

- Return the bow to Ruka

- Speak to the Demon that is (in) this realm

- Help Suma or Teo to achieve one of their goals

- Mortega could be a strong ally

- Expand the outpost on the Emberblossom Isles

- Explore the ruins on the Island of Storms

- Find the heaven-metal box for Ruka

- Find Artifacts of Power to combat the Realm

— Find a use for the Skycutter(Boomerang)

Sails Corner

Currently ruminating on the nature of Tyranny and teh place of Solars in the world. Were we worse than the Dynasts? Are we defined by our past. Is the me now different from the ancient stories, am I seeing my future or is this a warning and lesson to learn?

Session 3 Recap


- Sailing through the storm

- encounter with Doggo/Lion thingy

- encounter with god

- descend into depths

- finding the bow

- collapse of pyramid-thingy

- flight

- magma kraken

Plot Threads

Session 2 Recap
Business in Emberblossom, Relaxations in Fireshade

The Circle took a brief respite in Emberblossom.

Liana spend most of her time recovering and soul-searching for her purpose. Sails dove deep into some of her private scrolls on the art of war, and started drilling her Fog Devils.
Andraste took care of setting up a local business and convened with the Hori Tandoori. A first batch of `medicine` was produced for the Mistress of the Markets.

With business done in the backwater city, Sails launched the Fog Slicer towards Fireshade, with the intent of visiting her contacts. Upon arriving, she gently directed Liana to relax a bit at Fireshade Relaxation Resort, and made her way to the Merrow Reejerey, Andraste in tow. At the tavern, she conversed at length with Rock Lobster, exchanging gossip, tales and rumour over drinks on Andraste's tab. From him, she learned of a certain person looking for a captain mad enough to sail into storms for ancient tales of treasure. Intrigued, Sails made a mental note to contact him later and departed for Madame Fey's to blow of some steam with her crew. In the meantime, Liana soaked a bit in the hot springs, prefering to not partake in the more carnal delights, for now, despite drawing plenty of attention herself from patrons and staff alike. Andraste declined to attend as well, and on the adivce of Sails, made her way to the Rusty Barnacle

Andraste got conned into drinking and eating the tourist special and soon made her way back to the ship, stomach thouroughly sanitized. After Sails concluded her pleasant encounter with her companions, she moved on to business, finding Content Not Found: ruka-the-collector at her the bordello, picking up Liana on the way. An interesting conversation later, in which she learned of the retired Tomb Raider's current interests and gauged his personality. Satisfied with her findings, Sails floated the possibility of being hired to retrieve a bow made of heavenly metal from a storm-crowned island. They agreed to meet up on her ship the next day.

The next day, the meeting flowed in similar vein, with the Circle agreeing to work on behalf of the Collector. Wasting no time, they set sail that very day, taking along two of Ruka's experts, Two Steps Safe and Glass Wind Lover. It took a week to arrive at the destination, a small island cloaked in wind, thunder and lighting. Eyes ablaze, a smile on her lips, rudder in her right and Mistweaver in her left hand, Sails pointed Fog Slicer directly towards her destination. In a display of sailmanship seldom witnessed, she rode the stormwinds, slicing through the waves, a golden disk briefly flaring on her brow, quickly expanding into a burning, golden glow.

They had arrived.

Hori Tandoori, lord of the Emberblossom isles
Rock Lobster, owner of the Merrow Reejerey
Madame Fey, busniesswoamn in Fireshade
Ruka, the Collector, retired tomb raider
Two Steps Safe, trapper in service to Ruka
Glass Wind Lover, geomancer in service to Ruka

Plot Threads

- Mortega could be a strong ally
- Establish Outpost on the Emberblossom Isles Resolved
- Expand the outpost on the Emberblossom Isles
- Return the stolen guild goods Resolved
- Explore the ruins on the Island of Storms
- Retrieve the heaven-metal bow for Ruka
- Find Artifacts of Power to combat the Realm

Session 1 Recap
In which Eagles proved as capable as Chosen

Adventure started on the Emberblossom Isles

Party discussed setting up an outpost here. Andrasté was interested in expanding her trade with the islands trademark medicinal component, the stimulant Emberblossom. Sails was looking to establish a staging ground for Raids. Local topographical features (Volcano, coral reef) made the area less than ideal for a dock/port, but could still serve as a training ground for soldiers and marines (Hostile and varied env.)

Andrasté started securing the right permits. 5 seconds and sped wheels later, permits were secured, in triplicate

Fog Devil set on watch at the harbour by Sails came back with news: Guild affiliated merchant was robbed in front of the harbour, by Water Dragonblooded. Sails fired of a short few questions at the merchant. DB was not part of the Realm said the merchant.

Party set of in pursuit of pirates. Pirates were intercepted and join battle was rolled after an anchor turn ram was elegantly dodged.

In battle, Captain Mortega, Dragon of Water, jumped into the sea while Sails and her Devils boarded his ship. Liana set off in pursuit, dashing accross the waves, to attack the Captain. Andrasté and Alexa lurked in the upper riggings of the Fog-Slicer.

A furious exchange between Dawn and Prince, backed up by dive-bombing eagle occured, with the Prince of the Earth ultimatly gaining the upper hand with a savage clinch. On his ship however, the tide was not on his side as Sails threatened his first mate and crew, golden fire crowning her.

Captain Mortega called for parley, using the restrained Liana as a bargaining ship. He and Sails talked for a bit, while Sails rumminated on her past and ambitions. She accepted his surrender and allowed him to keep his ship and crew, only retrieving the stolen cargo


Captain Mortega, free-roaming Lost Egg

Merchant Nebby K'nedzar, affiliate of the Guild

Plot Threads

- Mortega could be a strong ally

- Establish Outpost on the Emberblossom Isles

- Return the stolen guild goods

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