Seven Sails Unfurling

A newly Exalted pirate captain hungering for something greater


Character sheet


Defining Tie: The Realm must be beaten back (Conviction)
Defining Principle: “I’m still afraid of Greatness, yet fear no longer stays my hand” (Ambition)

Major Prinicple: Everyone should have the Freedom of choice on how to lead their life (Belief)
Major Tie: Admiral Peleps Mayumi (Respect)
Major Principle: Only united can we succeed (Belief)
Major Tie: Stormcaller will be mine! (Avarice)
Major Tie: Fog Devils (Protectiveness)
Major Tie: Lady Andrasté (Trust)
Major Principle: “Honest Words, Honest Deeds” (Burden)

Minor Tie: Liana (Curiosity)
Minor Tie: The shipwreck Sisters are a bunch of bloody thieves (Exasperation)
Minor Tie: Fog Slicer (Affection)

Seven Sails Unfurling

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