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Trade routes of Interest

Pearl Necklace, a massive trade route spanning much of the length of the Western ocean

Ring of Fire, a route that splits off of the Pearl Necklace around Heavenward Bound, and circles around many Southwestern volcanic islands.

Clouddancing Stream, a trade route famed for its path along various monasteries and other places of learning, joining the Pearl Necklace again in Heavenward Bound.

Shipgrove Path, also known as carpenters paradise, this route takes captains along several islands famed for their forest and mangroves, and timber for all purposes flows freely towards Heavenward Bound from the various ports and towns along this route.

Places of interest

Augury Rock, a place of legend that many have claim to have seen, but might not even exist!

Basalt Straits, a small archipelago just east of the Pearl Necklace near Fireshade

Emberblossom Isles, a group of volcanic islands whose port is a stop of the Ring of Fire

Fireshade, a harbor town on the back of a dormant volcano

Heavenward Bound, a major port connecting the Pearl Necklace and some of its sub-routes

Refuge of Tides, a village near the center of the Basalt Straits

Vault of Halfdreams, a mysterious island only appearing sporadically under the right conditions, serving as some kind of prison.

Veilport, exporter of meatstuff and capital of the Blazeridge Province  satrapy

Windswept Haven, city state satrapy along Clouddancing Stream

People of Interest

Cynis Molin, Satrap of the Blazeridge Province

Fa’Zephyrae, lesser elemental dragon of wind

Madame Fey, bussiness owner in Fireshade

Mnemon Najalin, Satrap of Windswept Haven

Peleps Mayumi, Admiral of the Western Expeditionary Fleet

Ragara Denyll, part of the Council of Three, specializes in the trade of luxury goods.

Rock Lobster, bar owner and one of the leaders of Fireshade

Ruka, the Collector, a retired treasure hunter turned artifact collector.

Surefoot, first mate of the Fog Devils

Captain Mortega, Lost Egg pirate

Organisations of Interest

Divitarium, organisation of the Merchant Princess Andrasté, chaser of the exquisite

The Council of Three, a cooperation between 3 major merchant organisations active around Heavenward Bound and its surrounding trade routes.

Heavenward Profits, Guild Council overseeing trade converging around Heavenward Bound

The Guild, a Creation-wide trade organisation

The Western Expeditionary Fleet, a subset of the Imperial Navy active in the region.

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