Seven Sails Unfurling backstory

Early life
Seven Sails can barely remember her mother or father, born and raised in the slums of <insert port city here>, she was one grubby, dirt-stained face amongst many. To escape poverty, she took to the seas at the very first opportunity. That ship turned out to be a privateer vessel, a profession she soon took a fancy for.

Over her teen years and into her adult life, she served abourd various ships and under various captains. First as a sailor and later as a first mate as her ambition blossomed. She was known under such names as Knifetooth, Swift Dagger, Vicious Smile and ultimately, Obsidian Shark Queen as she led a mutiny against a particularly incompetent captain. In command of her own ship, she achieved minor notoriety as she fattened her hold with the cargo of mercantile vessels and other unlucky pray. She was satisfied to provide for her and her crew, as long as there was enough shells, coin and loose men and women going around on the shore, seeking nothing but the next victim to plunder. Through all this, a small part of her conciousness gnawed at her, urging her to do more, to break free from the complacency and structure that had pushed her into this position, but it was drowned out by the worries of everyday and fear. Fear of failure, fear of falling short, fear of giving up the things she had for an ucnertain future.

Moment of Exaltation
Obsidian Shark Queen had never been the most lucky of pirates, and while she was skillful enough to carve out her life without a lucky break, Fate's smile turned out to be particularly vicious one day. Pursuing a trader from the distant Realm, she ran afoul of a warship bearing the same scarlet flag. Any mortal captain she could've evaded, for she knew the area well and her ship was fast and the crew competent. But alas, Admiral Peleps Mayumi was not mortal, but a Princess of the Earth, and in this case, the Sea as well. Her ship surged forward and effortlessly caught up to the Sea Viper and her crack corps of Realm marines boarded their prey. The fighting was short and brutal as the trained soldiers quickly overwhelmed the pirates, and ended with Shark Queen's face beneath Mayumi's boot, her Grimcleaver at the pirate's throat.

The Admiral executed her crew, but not before publicly humiliating Queen with a tirade about how pirate's are the scum of society and how only the presence of a central authority can bring structure and stability to the region. An authority of course headed by those who have been given the Divine right to rule, as exemplified by their uplifiting above those who are mortal. Only the Princes of the Earth, and especially only the Dragonblooded of the Realm can be bring peace and prosperity. And it is only natural for all the rest to bow to them. Those who refuse shall be punished accordingly.

Bound and on her knees, listening to this tirade denouncing her very being, a small fire of defiance was lit within Obsidian Shark Queen. She wished for nothing more than prove this woman wrong. But she was powerless now. Walking the plank, she started to regret her past decisions. If only she had done something earlier, if only she had gathered a stronger crew, more ship. If only she had sought out power herself instead of only languishing in pleasure. If only she had been more ambitious…

She was thrown into the sea, left to drown as the admiral sailed away, the execution of pirate a footnote in her daily dealings. Just a part of an Exalts duty to her house and nation. And drowning, Obsidian Shark Queen fervently wished for a second chance as oblivion edged closer. But who would listen to her, she was but a speck of foam on the tides of life. The strength in her limbs faded, water rushed painfully into her lungs, darkness reached forth to claim her…

The cold of the sea is replaced by the warmth of the Sun on her skin, the dark of depths fading into brilliant light. As if floating, the Shark Queen is granted a vision of a ship not unlike the admiral's flagship. Yet it is not flying the colors of Peleps. It has its sails embroidered with a grand golden sun. From the haziness at the edges of the vision more ships appear one by one, each grander than the last. The greatest sports a broadside with enough cannons to make the Imperial Navy blush, each and every one a shining work of art. "Those of the blood of Dragons are quick to forget that is not them that were granted the Creation-Ruling Mandate. That their rule is but a pale shadow of the peace and prosperity of that First Age.". A firm wind blows over Sails, almost like a divine sigh, pushing the ships away as the vision steadily fades. "I may never lay eyes on such an age again, but perhaps there could be one equally interesting. Go forth, my Chosen. Go forth Lawgiver, and make this age yours."

After Exaltation

Seven Sails Unfurled stood at the bow of her ship, New Horizons, and looked at the island on far edge of the sea. Mr Ankleshanks lounged on her shoulder, devouring fruit in his tiny paws. It had been three months since she took to the seas once again. Five months since the encounter that had sent the Sea Viper to the depths. It was remarkable, the amount she had done in so little time. Two months spent recovering, contemplating, training. She still barely believed what had happened to her. A tiny part of her was still afraid, stil hesistant to venture forth, to bring change. But the fire of ambition, once small and almost snuffed out, now burned with purpose. She was afraid, yes. Afraid of what she is now, afraid of what she can do, afraid of failing still. But she was also excited. Using her essence was exhilarating, flexing her powers addictive. It just felt right to act!

She was still afraid, but at the same time brimming with excitement. She wanted to rush forth, to sail right into the mouth of Admiral Peleps her fortress and challenge her. Openly, brazingly, to undo the humiliation, to wipe that smug look of superiority of her face. Chosen to rule, destined to lead, bah, she'd show that seacow what a Chosen truly was. But in her mind she knew it was not the time. Not yet, she had to grow first. The admiral has an entire fleet while she only has a single, leaky boat. She needed allies. Allies that could match the Terrestrial Exalted in all their raw elemental majesty.

Sails was not without a course. Rumours of girl claiming to be a god reborn on a distant island, shining golden like the Dawn. Rumours of a shaman of great power, master of beast and weather. On the bow of her ship, Seven Sails Unfurled smiled under the shade of her majestic captains hat. Soon, Mayumi. I'll be coming for you soon, you and the entire empire you represent. The Dragons have ruled long enough.

Seven Sails Unfurling backstory

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