Pearl Necklace

A major trade artery flowing through Randan, Brightwork, Wu Jian and from there towards the Blessed Isle.Many ships ply the Pearl Necklace, and ports alongside the route have grown fat on its wealth. The route is overseen by Mother Pearl, and many plying its routes give her prayer and offerings, sometimes much to the chagrin of the Immaculates.

From the far reaches of the West to the Blessed Island flows Red Jade, harvested from volcanoes, Black Jade from the depths, Slaves, Exotic spices, wondrous fish and beast and above all, Dreaming Pearls.
From the Blessed Isle to the West goes grain, iron and steel, wood, firedust, Imperial taxation and Legionnaires.

Large stretches of the necklace, while nominally under control of a Realm Satrapy, are more or less independent, with the larger ports forming de facto city states on their own, paying lip service and not much else to the Scarlet Empress. Piracy and privateering are rife in the region, with remote islands and hide-outs aplenty. Many smaller cities issues letters of marquee, enlisting the scoundrels as an makeshift fleet and police force. Especially among the larger states, a fierce rivalry exists as they seek to outdo each other in displays of wealth and power. Among the smaller island reside petty tyrants and pirate lords and ladies aplenty, each staking out their own small dominions in an ever-shifting web of conflict, allegiances

Ports of renown

Heavenward Bound, a major trade nexus on the intersection of the Pearl Necklace and three other minor trade routes
Fireshade, a minor port along the necklace build on the lip of a dormant volcano. Known nest of privateers.



Wu Jian

Blessed Isle

Pearl Necklace

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